Today was meant to be the big day.
Today was meant to be the beginning of the rest of our lives together, (although technically we started that a while ago!)
Today was meant to be the day G and I celebrated with our family and closest friendsโ€ฆ

Alas COVID had other plans not just for us, but for everyone.

I’m not going to lie, I cried this morning. It was probably the second time I cried after since postponing our wedding (the first being the day after we made the decision.) I know that a wedding isn’t exactly an essential activity and there are things more important, but it’s heart-breaking when you finally reach the day you’d be looking forward to for over two years, and it’s just another day in lockdown. It’s disappointing to know that cases are still not declining and people still choose to go against the rules that the government put in place to protect everyone. I know everyone has different views with how the government has handled the recent outbreak but it’s important to understand how important it is that people stay home to stop spreading the virus. I mean, that’s what you’d do if you had a cold or the flu right?

Like most couples, we decided to postpone our wedding and instead elope with a small ceremony when the stay at home order was eased. Luckily they announced today, that wedding ceremonies are permitted from next Friday. We are very fortunate to have found a celebrant who is in our local area, within the 5km radius which we have been able to book so we can legally wed in a small ceremony in a few weeks. Whilst we would love to party with our family and friends, it’s important that we stay healthy and follow the rules that have been put in place. So G and I will do the legal part of our marriage and save the party for later on.

We are also very fortunate to have vendors who have been accommodating with our postponement and even more fortunate to have been able to move our celebrations to a date where they are all available. It’s given both G and I something to look forward to; I think everyone needs something to look forward to while most (if not all) of us are stuck at home due to restrictions.

Between now and early August next year which is when we will have part two of our wedding, I may or may not post updates. You’d think I would have more time to write since I’m at home and not going out or not running around trying to organise a wedding. But it’s the motivation that I lack and it’s hard to be motivated about anything during a time such as this pandemic. It really does drain you of your energy, even though 95% of the time you’re mostly sitting on your butt, working from home or catching up on that TV show you started binging and have gone 7 seasons deep. (Don’t pretend like it hasn’t happened to you!)

To end this post on a happy note, I did receive a lovely surprise this morning, which definitely cheered me up. A big thank you to my awesome work friends Casey, Julia, Stephano and Francis for the beautiful flowers.

Until my next post, please stay healthy, stay safe and stay home if your state government says so!


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