I am so ready for “Captain America: Civil War”! Hurry up end of April!

Personally, I’m #TeamCap (mostly because of Sebastian Stan as The Winter Soldier!)

Civil War Textless Banner-1

Captain America: Civil War
United we stand.
Divided we fall.

Whose side are you on?




So… I’m trying to redirect my blog to my domain ( and I’m having some issues; if you’re reading this, consider yourself lucky because the links are sometimes inaccessible.

There’s going to be some hiccups but if you stick around, I promise I will fix them up as soon as I can!

I gave you Chris Hemsworth last time, here’s his brother Liam!


– kdb.


Guess who’s back?

Now, don’t get too excited because I’m still deciding whether I really want to blog again or not. I’ll start off with a this little post and we’ll see where I go. Working a full time job and juggling a fairly active social life doesn’t always leave time for one to sit and pen down thoughts but I will try my best.

My last real blog post was in 2013, so I may need to do an update post. The question is… how personal do we get? I’m going to park that for the moment. In the interim, here’s a picture of Chris Hemsworth. Enjoy!


– kdb.