12 months…

12 months to go until I am officially a wife!

It’s been a while since I’ve provided an update. I don’t think anyone really reads this blog anyway but if you’re still around and you’re still reading this… Hi!

At the start of the month, G and I headed into the city to visit our jeweller, the same one that created my beautiful engagement ring. We tried on some wedding bands for G and got a few ideas on size and style for him. My wedding band was easy – an identical match to the band on my engagement ring! Easy!

A couple of weeks ago G and I headed down to the South Coast to attend the South Coast Wedding Fair and Wedding Trail. Our venue had an open weekend and it had been styled beautifully by the event planner there. It was wonderfully paired with florals which were arranged by our wedding florsist as well which came in handy given we were hoping to bump into some of our booked vendors while we were there.

Not only did we meet our florist and have a chat with her about how we would like our wedding styled, but we also met the owner of the DJ/MC company we had booked. We also bumped into our photographer who we had booked and met with much earlier this year, but it was great to have a chat with him again.

We also met other vendors who provided other services such as cake art, light up signs, lawn games and even ALPACAS! As much as I’d love an alpaca at my wedding, I don’t think we’re going to be able to squeeze that into our budget.


Last weekend, I continued my hunt for my dream wedding dress and after 8 months, 4 stores and about 30 dresses later, I said yes to the dress at Luv Bridal in Crows Nest. The dress I chose may or may not be a dress that I have shown a few of my friends (and even my fiance) before… I guess you’ll have to wait 12 months to find out!

So everything is still planned for the 28th of August, 2021 there is still a chance we may have to postpone. My bridal party and my mum are in Melbourne. While their case numbers are decreasing, the state’s premier isn’t too keen on lifting the lockdown restrictions and curfews any time soon. In fact, he is looking to extend their “State of Emergency” for an additional 12 months. Not to say that restrictions will stay in place but I mean 12 months is still a long way away and they could open the borders. But it could potentially mean that my side of my bridal party, along with my friends who live in Melbourne, may not be able to attend.

I am hoping for the best, as we all should; my fingers are crossed that the restrictions are lifted and the borders are opened with minimal or no requirement to hotel quarantine.

In the interim, I will continue planning while working from home like most of the country is still doing. Speaking of working from home, I haven’t been to the office for almost 3 months. Why?

Oh… did I mention I dislocated and broke my ankle almost 3 months ago? Yeah, while (attempting) to roller-skate. It wasn’t my first time, so let’s just clear that up. I have roller-skated in the past year and have done so without breaking any bones. It just so happened that at the start of June, I decided to finish work early one afternoon (with permission from my manager of course), so I could take advantage of the afternoon sun. I got home, got my skates which were placed out for me by G, and headed over to the school across the road.

I put my things down, geared up and started putting my boots on. Of course, in my mind I said, “Don’t put your boots on here, this isn’t flat and you’ll hurt yourself.” It was something I’d said to myself often and usually I would listen to the inner voice. But on this one occasion, I did not. So I laced up, stood up, lost my balance and landed on my ankle.

While I was on the floor, the first thought that came to my head was “oh my God, did I just break my ankle?” I propped myself up and looked down at my leg. Yup. It was not… the way it should have been!

I reached over to my phone, called G who luckily was working from home at the time and he raced over to me. While waiting for him, other people who were at the courts came over to help me. I wasn’t in pain yet, but I knew that it was going to hit me soon.

Someone called an ambulance for me and after 45 mins of waiting with G and the others who were there, I was finally on the green whistle and on way to Ryde Hospital. I was admitted into emergency and had my ankle relocated and placed in a half plaster cast which would come off the following day when I had surgery.

The following day, I went into surgery and had 2 plates and 14 screws placed to hold my ankle together while it healed. I was put into another plaster cast which I would have for 2 weeks before I was put into a full fibreglass cast (in blue of course) which I had for 4 weeks. I stayed at the hospital for 2 nights, returning home on the Saturday.

After 6 weeks of being in a cast, I was finally out of my cast and into… a bandage tube which is just compression. There was no requirement for a moon boot, as everything healed nicely. The fun part of physio and rehab was about to begin!

My first time standing on my right leg was scary though – I almost fainted because of the pain and had to sit down for a few moments until I was back to normal. But after that, I was on my way home to do my exercises so I could get back to walking.

So… the moral of the story is don’t put your roller-skates on where the surface is not flat and levelled.

I know some of you might be saying “or just don’t roller-skate at all” and that’s totally your choice but it’s rude and kind of patronising. If roller-skating isn’t your thing, then that’s fine but saying something like that to me, annoys me. I have some friends who have said this after learning of my accident and sure, that would seem the logical thing to do… for someone who doesn’t like to roller-skate but for me, it’s something I enjoyed as a kid and I want to enjoy again as an adult. It’s not for everyone. (Sorry about that mini rant – it just struck a nerve!)

Anyway, back to the original reason for this post.

12 months to go until I am officially a wife! I cannot wait until this time next year where I will be waking up with my bridal party, getting all dolled up with them by my side, before slipping into my amazing dream wedding dress, and walking down the aisle to marry the man of my dreams. We will then wine and dine and party into the night with our nearest and dearest on an amazing property in the South Coast (maybe with some alpacas too!)

Fingers crossed everything between now and then works out, not just for G and I, but for everyone.

So to my fellow readers, stay safe and stay clean!


A year ago…

A year ago today, I woke up as your girlfriend. Little did I know, I would be your fiancée by the end of the day

A year ago today, we took a walk along the beach where you got down on one knee and asked me to spend the rest of my life with you.

A year ago today, I said yes!

In just over a year, I get to call you my husband… and I cannot wait for that day!

Until then, I will just keep staring at this ring… because honestly… LOOK AT ITTTTTTTTTTT!!!


I love you forever!


500 days…

In 500 days, and if all is well with the universe, I will be marrying the love of my life.

500 days left to plan our wedding. Plenty of time right? Sure! However, given the circumstances we are currently facing, it’s proving to be a little challenging. There are some things I want to do, but I can’t do them.

At the moment, we are very limited in what we can do. Many businesses have closed their doors and won’t reopen until maybe May, maybe June, an the wedding industry has definitely been impacted due to the number of people that can be present at a wedding.

Only 5 people are permitted: the couple to be married, a celebrant and the two witnesses. Super small right?

We’re lucky to have picked 2021 as the year we get married, it means more time to prepare and make sure we have everything we envisioned. Had we picked 2020, we could be in trouble. Not to say that it would be a complete inconvenience, but we wouldn’t get to celebrate the way we would like to. We would most likely still get married on the day we booked, and just pushed everything else to the following year and instead celebrate on the 1st anniversary.

I know a few couples who are marrying this year, and COVID-19 has definitely made it difficult for them. Most of them have planned their weddings later in the year but with the current situation there is a lot of uncertainty as to when things will be “normal”.

For me, I’m still planning for next year. I can’t really put everything on hold; a lot of 2020 couples are postponing until next year which means that I could lose potential vendors to them. So I need to stay on track and continue on. Some things are limited, but they won’t be halted for too long (I hope!)

Once our restrictions are relaxed or lifted, then I’ll be able to view things, meet vendors and even try on dresses which is one thing I’m dying to do! So for now I’m continuing with researching items I need/want and gathering information, vendor quotes and decor inspiration.

I’m off to Pinterest, Instagram, the bazillion Facebook wedding groups I’m a part of, and all that jazz!

(Sorry this post is brief, I just wanted to post about the 500 day countdown!)

Photo by Elope.

Stay safe, stay clean, stay 1.5-2m away!


100 days…

It’s been 100 days since I said yes to the love of my life. That’s 100 days of NOT planning a wedding! I’ve been up to my eyeballs with work and have only really just had some time to look at venues and date possibilities. I considered hiring a planner (and would still hire one) but for the time being I’m going to organise as much as I can.

The real question, is will I blog my wedding planning adventure? Let’s say yes for now… I will update as often as possible. I don’t know who reads this but whatever, it’s a good outlet for me because no doubt planning a wedding is going to be very frustrating.

So far, I have a list of venues to enquire about and then organise visits for. G and I have decided to look at venues down south in Jervis Bay – a place which I have grown very fond of since he took me there for my birthday the first year we started dating. We’re hoping to head back down there at the end of the year for Christmas and New Years and squeeze in visits with potential venues. I guess you could class our wedding as a destination wedding. That means we’ll need to look at a venue that also includes accommodation – for some, if not all our guests.

I have a Pinterest board for all things wedding related, because as someone said today – are you even a bride if you don’t have a wedding Pinterest board? Of course everything is organised into subcategories because I’m a little OCD like that. So while I haven’t been planning too much, I have been pinning things that I like or feel inspired by.

As I research venues and vendors and pin a million things to my Pinterest board, I’m also preparing for my birthday (yay!) though I don’t have too much planned. A dinner with G, a high tea date with N and of course Diner en Blanc because my birthday wouldn’t be complete if I don’t go. Hahaha!

It’s been a slow start to the planning stage and even though we may not get married until 2021, I want to be prepared. Those that know me, know that I like to be as organised as much as possible. Time will definitely fly and before I know it, it’ll be time for a wedding!

So for now, I leave on an end note. If you have any tips, tricks, advise or suggestions on how to plan, what to look out for and also how to stay calm, please feel free to leave a comment!

~ kdb.

Sorry about the delay…

The last 7 months have been craaaaaaaaaaazy to say the least. I have been on a plane about 29 times, flying out of Sydney, around Australia and back into Sydney, I’ve managed to get myself sick and nursed an annoying cough for almost 3 months, G and I celebrated two years of dating, I then get super sick (again) while attending a work mid year conference, which was just before a well deserved weekend away with my love. Hmm, there was something else I needed to mention but I forgot. I’m sure I’ll tell you when I remember it! But let’s talk about my weekend away.

Thursday the 4th of July: I’d gotten home early from the mid year conference so I could get myself to the doctor and make sure that I wasn’t infected with a horrible illness. Luckily, my self diagnosis via Dr. Google was spot on, and my illness was minor. I was beginning to fret that my weekend away to Nelson Bay with G was going to be cancelled and I was going to have to resort to chicken soup, the couch and Netflix. I mean, not a bad idea given the dreadful weather we had experienced but I was in need a break away from the general area of home and work.

Friday the 5th of July: We’d packed our bags, loaded up the car and made our way past the Central Coast to the Hunter Region suburb of Nelson Bay, smack bang in the middle of Port Stephens. We had rented an AirBnB apartment not too far from the main beach and to be honest, I didn’t care if we stayed in all weekend, I was just happy to be somewhere OTHER than Sydney. A little break from reality is good for the soul.

We headed out for a walk on Friday afternoon and watched the sunset at Little Beach accompanied by a squadron of pelicans, before heading back to Dominos to pick up dinner. Ha! Even a coastal getaway wasn’t enough to keep us away from our beloved Dominos!

Saturday the 6th of July: After a good night’s rest, we woke up and walked down to “The Little Nel”, a quaint little cafe and restaurant in the heart of Nelson Bay where we tucked into a seriously delicious brunch. We walked back to our AirBnB to get the car and headed up to Gan Gan Lookout. We had originally planned to walk the Tomaree Summit Walk so we could check out the amazing 360 view from the lookout there but I wasn’t feeling 100%. So we opted for a different lookout which still had a pretty amazing view.

We headed over to Salamander Bay shops to get some bits and pieces for a little picnic on the beach to watch the sunset. Of course the weather wasn’t really in our favour when we left the AirBnB in the afternoon. It had started raining as we got in the car but we were still determined to go watch the sunset even if we had to have our picnic in the car!

We drove down to Little Nelson Bay, which sits between Nelson Bay and Little Beach, and waited as the rain was starting to ease. 10 mins later it had stopped so we decided to jump out and go for a walk before we found a spot to pull out our deconstructed cheeseboard and camping chairs. We took the umbrella out with us as well, just in case it started to rain again. We walked up to the wharf where some locals were fishing, and where the ferries pulled into, then we walked back towards the car, listened to seagulls have a go at the pelicans along the beach before stopping at the rocks near the Fly Point Aquatic Reserve. G asked me to face the water and not turn around until he said so. I was thinking… what’s this guy up to? He’s either going to be artistic and take a staged “natural” photo of me just standing on the beach staring into the distance as the sun peaked through the clouds, or he’s going to draw a penis in the sand.

Oh… that’s what I was meant to tell you earlier… We got engaged! That’s right…At this point, G asked me to turn around and walk towards him where I instantly saw “Will you marry me?” written in the sand.


Before G even had the chance to get down on one knee and pull the ring out to actually propose, I’d started crying and running towards him. G put his hand up and said something along the lines of “Wait, back up! Just let me do this!” So I stopped running, but the ugly crying began, but how could I not? I was being proposed to! G got down on one knee, took hold of my hand and through teary eyes told me how he felt an instant connection from the first time we started talking, how he’d fallen in love with me more and more each day. As G asked me to marry him, he pulled out the most beautiful and most perfect diamond ring from his pocket; a ring that was so much more beautiful than my dream ring or any ring that I had tried on during my research period, (that’s for another day, another blog update!)

My answer, was always going to be a yes (or ‘yasssssssss’ in this case) and as I gave G my yes, nodded profusely and ugly cried simultaneously, he placed on my finger, instantly triggering more tears to flow. It was perfect; the moment, the day, the weekend, everything was perfect.

Sunday the 7th of July: We woke up, cleaned, packed, had brunch and went home. Hehehe! 🤣

Back to the real reason I’m writing this post, the proposal. It was the most perfect moment between G and I, and something I’ll never forget. I knew that G was going to propose but I didn’t think it’d be that weekend. But I was unbelievably happy. And what made it really special was the fact that he had called my mum a few days before, to ask for her blessing. What a guy!

Of course any normal person would have thought “okay, guy says don’t turn around until he says… he’s getting ready to propose.” Look I won’t lie, I did have a passing thought that it would be the case, but I’d told myself early on… much much early on, “don’t get your hopes up because if it doesn’t happen when you think it will, you’ll be disappointed.” So I put it to the back of my mind and told myself that I just needed to rest, get better and enjoy the long weekend with him. And I did… but I also became engaged! *waves around her hand so the ring sparkles*💍

Who would have thought that I’d snag my perfect man and be a soon-to-be-Mrs? Definitely not me! But G makes me the happiest I’ve ever been; even if I didn’t have this stunning ring on my finger, I would still be happy. Knowing that he wants to spend the rest of his life with me though, just blows me away. I’m not perfect and I know that G would say that he’s not perfect either, but we’re perfect for each other.

I don’t know what I’ve done to deserve you G, but I love you forever. I am the luckiest girl in the world to have someone like you beside me and I can’t wait to spend the rest of my life with you!

Enough of that, here’s the ring again in all it’s glittering glory! 🤭

Now… time to plan a wedding… see you in another 6 months or so?

~ kdb.